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Frequently Asked Questions

ASCP stands for Association of State Chamber Professionals. The group consists of the top membership, marketing, and non-dues staff members from state chambers of commerce (and other organizations with similar missions, but varying names) from across the country. Our goal is to help each other succeed. Since we are not in competition with each other, the executives at each chamber can freely exchange ideas. Those ideas that worked in one state might work in another. No sense "re-inventing the wheel" when someone else may have tried an idea already! (For more information, see About ASCP.)

To be eligible for membership, an organization must be either a state chamber of commerce, or a state business association not in competition with a state chamber of commerce.

To put it in the simplest terms -- a lot! The pool of talent and the knowledge base within this organization is phenomenal. As stated above, all of those involved with ASCP are willing to share their successes, and failures, so that others can do even better.

Some past meeting topics include:

  • The Economy and its Impact on State Chambers
  • Managing Major Accounts
  • Building A Strong Retention Program
  • Beyond Retention - A Useful Tool for Dues Upgrades
  • Developing a Web Strategy for your Chambe
  • Put a price tag on that legislation
  • Brand Marketing: Development of Individual Brands from Chamber programs and activities
  • Total Resource Campaigns
  • Effective uses of E-mail Campaigns

That's just the tip of the iceberg. The issues of yesterday might not address the issues of today, and of tomorrow.
To view full agendas and other related information, please see Past ASCP Meetings.

Joining ASCP is easy. Use our convenient online Membership Application Form to express your interest and to provide us with the necessary information about your organization. We will then contact you to finalize the membership process.

The base membership fee for each organization is $275 per year and includes one member. Additional members from the same organization are $125 each. If you are the person directing the membership or non-dues revenue operations, be sure to add your communications and marketing staff to the list, as they will benefit from membership as well. Our meeting fees typically run around $599 per person attending. That covers all events, meetings, lunches, dinners, and ASCP social events. You'll have to get yourself there and cover your room costs. Otherwise, we've got you covered!

ASCP meets once each year, generally in the fall. The meetings last 3 to 4 days and include a full schedule of talks, presentations, roundtable discussions, social activities, etc. Past locations include Big Sky, Montana, New Orleans, Louisiana, Kauai, Hawaii, Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, Tunica, Mississippi, Bar Harbor, Maine, French Lick, Indiana, and Pinehurst, North Carolina. We hope you will join us for our 2012 meeting in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

We use every means at our disposal to keep in contact with each other throughout the year phone, fax, e-mail, etc. We have online forums available through the Members Only web site, LinkedIn group page and Facebook group page.

We encourage input from our members and other interested parties and use this information to determine what topics are most relevant and would be the most beneficial to cover. You can bet that whatever questions are on your mind, those are the questions we'll be discussing at this year's meeting!

Sponsors play a crucial role in the organization. They bring two important things to the group:

  1. The latest information and access in the non-dues arena to help your organization make money.
  2. The capital to finance the meetings and other items the members receive throughout the year.

Sponsors have direct access to 25+ state chambers of commerce and their membership/marketing executives (these are the folks who do the pick and shovel work to determine which companies their organizations partner with). Other benefits include advertising on the ASCP web site for 1 year, and 2 attendees from each sponsor company will be allowed to participate in the annual meeting. Periodic advertising via other ASCP communications is also available.

If you are interested in upcoming ASCP sponsorship opportunities, please complete and submit our online Sponsorship Inquiry Form.

Bronze Sponsors
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