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Board Members

The following are our current 2018 officers and board members. We provide the position name, the current member in that position, where they are from and contact information. Feel free to reach out to them direcly as needed.

If you have any general questions or do not know who in the following list you should contact, then you can use our contact form and we will direct the message to the correct person.

Aaron Miller
Kansas State Chamber
Phone: (785) 357-6321
James Berringer
Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Phone: (402) 474-4422
Immediate Past President
Sean Heiner
Association of Washington Businesses
Phone: (360) 943-1600
Email: seanh@awb.org
Secretary/Agenda Chair
Brock Hesler
Indiana Chamber of Commerce
Phone: (317) 264-7539
Kelly Boutwell
Tennesee Chamber of Commerce
Phone: (615) 256-5141
Board Member
Elaine Fincannon
Business Council of Alabama
Phone: (334) 240-8749
Board Member - Communications Chair
Stephanie Snyder
Oklahoma State Chamber
Phone: (405) 235-3669
Board Member - Awards Chair
Ed Troha
North Carolina Chamber of Commerce
Phone: (919) 836-1542
Board Member - Membership Chair
Jenny Munyer
Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
Phone: (615) 292-4690
Board Member, Preceding President
Jeff Albright
Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry
Phone: (717) 720-5568
One-Year Appointment, Past President
Joyce LaRoche
Maine State Chamber
Phone: (207) 623-4568
Bronze Sponsors
Council of State Chambers
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